Aside from the six email accounts, your subscribers also get up to five email aliases each.
To set up the alias account(s) for a subscriber…

  1. In the UBO Billing and Management Software™, make sure first that the subscriber is availing a package that includes the Alias service.
  2. Select the subscriber on the main table, then go to the Packages tab on the bottom. Here, you’ll see the list of Package Services available for the Subscriber.
  3. Select the Alias service, then fill out the form for the email alias.
  4. Finally, click Activate, and the email alias is set.

Domain Alias

a) You can now add an alias, even if the alias matches an existing email account. This is useful for the cases where you have an email account who wishes to receive a copy of the email as well as forward a copy somewhere else. To use this, make sure there’s an email account setup (for instance,, and then create a new alias with the same account ‘joe’, and forward it to a custom address of ‘,’.
b) The interface has been updated to use the first address in the forward to’s for the spam settings.