If you need to send an email to a particular subscriber, you can do it directly within the Ultimate Back Office (UBO) Billing and Automation™.

The newly enhanced HTML Email Editor of the Ultimate Back Office software is designed to speed up your productivity by allowing you to quickly design professional-looking email messages.


– A WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor

– No coding needed — – with HTML formatting tools and graphical capabilities

– Supports custom CSS, merge fields, and  file attachment

Keeps the text formatting style when you cut & paste from external source

Send an Email

  • Right-click on the subscriber, go to Actions, then Email Subscriber.
  • Or, click on the subscriber on the main table, then go to Subscriber on the menu bar, go to Actions, then Email Subscriber.


  • Choose whether to use the UBO emailing or your own default emailing software (such as MS Outlook or Thunderbird).
  • If you choose to create and send the email through UBO, a new email window will open.
  1. Email Headers
    • From – the email sender; will receive an email notification once the email message has been sent successfully. Note: pencil icon – opens the ISP Configuration > ISP Contact to edit the email address.
    • To – if the subscriber has multiple email addresses, you can choose which one to use by clicking on the field.
    • Cc – a copy of the email will be sent to the email addresses that are added here
    • Subject – the subject of the mass email
  2. Attachments – attach statements from UBO and other supported files (“ico”, “bmp”, “gif”, “jpg”, “jpeg”, “png”, “pdf”, “doc”, “docx”, “xls”, “xlsx”, “ppt”, “pptx”, “txt”, “zip”, “rar”, “html”, “htm”)
  3. Print – print email template
  4. Basic tools in creating an email
  5. Body – where you write your email draft
  6. Send Email – immediately sends the email to the subscriber/s specified
  7. Cancel – cancels the email and closes the Email Subscriber window


Add a Custom CSS / HTML

  1. If you know CSS / HTML and you would like to customize the looks of your email template, you can do this by clicking on the View Source button of the editor.
  2. This will open the HTML editor where you can manipulate the codes and customize the design of the email template by adding CSS codes.
  3. To preview your changes, click the View Source button again and vice-versa.


Add an Attachment

  • Hover on the Attachments box.


  1. pencil icon – edit Statement Date Range (Note: no pencil icon would appear if the attached file is not a statement)

  2. x – detach file from the email

  3. + – attach file to the email

  4. Show up to 10 more items (invoices, payments, credits, or debits)

  5. Browse… – attach files that are not UBO-generated (from your PC)

Edit Statement Date Range

  • Attach a statement.

  • Click the pencil icon aligned with the statement in the Attachments box.

  1. Last – shows transactions for the last n months; (Note: where n can be any whole number from 1 to 24)

  2. pencil icon – edits the Default statement date range in ISP Configuration > Billing Options > Accounting Controls > Statement Options

  3. From – To – shows transactions within a specific date range


Send Email Reminder

Aside from email messages, you can also send quick reminders to your subscribers from the software. Reminders in the software are pre-created messages that you can just choose from, depending on your need or preference.

  1. Reminders use the messages stored in Mass Emails, so to create a particular reminder, you need to go to Mass Email first. Make sure that you include the particular subscriber in the filter of your mass email.
  2. After your message is set, sending the reminder is as easy as sending an email. Just right-click on the subscriber you want to remind, go to Actions, then Email Reminder. Or, click on the subscriber on the main table, go to Subscriber on the menu bar, go to Actions, then Email Reminder. You’ll see a list of your saved mass email messages.


  1. Click on the message you want to send, and an email window will appear. Just like in emailing, email addresses are already provided, but if your subscriber has multiple email addresses, you can choose which one to send this to.
  2. If you want to change the message a bit, you can do that within the window.
  3. When you’re done, just click Send Email, and the software will deliver the reminder.