Managed Email Services

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Here’s a dirty little secret: Most WISPs refuse to offer email. Why? The typical answer is that email services are a hassle to manage and maintain. The truth, however, is that most subscribers have been convinced by internet pundits to use free email accounts from one of the “big three” because it’s easier. For most subscribers, that’s an ideal solution. 

But that’s bad news for WISPs.


Just as there are always people who prefer to fly first class regardless of cost, there are always people who want email service from a local provider because it makes them feel more secure. You can be confident with your email services because we’ve been providing them longer than Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo!, with spam filtering and virus protection second to none. It’s the type of email service you’d build with your own hands.


Here’s why offering email makes sense:
  • It costs you nothing to offer or deploy. You pay only for subscribers who want it.
  • There are no email servers to maintain or upgrade, and no spam or virus filters that require ongoing attention from your staff.
  • It sets you apart from other WISPs and ISPs who send their subscribers packing when it comes to email service.
  • It increases subscriber lifetime value, because it makes them less likely to switch to another WISP.
Email services make subscribers stickier with zero investment on your part. This a la carte service enables you to provide email only to subscribers who want it. Features include:
  • Access via POP3, IMAP, or the webmail solution.
  • 1GB of storage per email account.
  • Support for attachments up to 50MB.
  • Subscriber-customizable spam filtering, including custom block and allow lists, sensitivity settings, and other handling options.
  • Always-on virus protection.