After data migration, you may encounter a subscriber highlighted with red-colored text when using the software. This would either mean that the subscriber has incomplete data or conflicting data.
When a subscriber highlighted with red-colored text is clicked, a tooltip with the missing required items or conflicting data of the subscriber will appear.

Incomplete Data

Incomplete subscriber means that subscribers have missing data that are required by the software.

To remove the ‘Incomplete’ tooltip, you can do any of the following:

  • In the Incomplete tab, simply enter the missing required data in the tooltip and click the Save button beside the textfield.
  • Or, Enter the missing data in directly into the lower tabs where the missing required data are needed and click Save.


Conflicting Data

Duplicate unique data (e.g. username) is the main reason of conflicting data for subscribers.

To remove the conflict, you can do any of the following:

  • Resolve all conflict with this file. – Resolves and retains the conflicted data in the csv file used during data migration. (appears when conflicted data is hovered)
  • Save – Saves the username and resolves the data in the database.
  • Archive – Resolves and saves the username in the database and record it into the subscriber’s history log.

NOTE: Press F5 to refresh the main table for the changes to take effect.