The Bug Tracker ( is a systematic means to report, track, and manage issues that you encounter in the UBO Billing and Management Software™, as well as in other products and services. This mechanism is primarily for developers who constantly test and improve the software to get rid of the issues or glitches that could interfere with your usage.

However, ISP administrators can also report issues here.

You can access the Bug Tracker through the software by clicking Help, then Bug Tracker.
To become a reporter at Bug Tracker, first, sign up for an account and verify using the confirmation email sent to you. Once you get an account, you become a reporter and you can then inform about an issue.
To do this, click Report Issue and then select ISP In A Box SP2 as the project. You must then fill out the form, specifying the category of the issue and providing a summary and a complete description of the issue you are reporting. After that, you can leave it to to take care of your concern.

An alternative to Bugtracker

Internet providers like you may be able to report and track concerns using the Bug Tracker, but managers still have the final say on whether or not your report contains a real issue to be fixed. In several cases, reports in the Bug Tracker may sometimes get caught in a queue, as prioritizes issues according to urgency and importance.
Thus, many ISP administrators currently opt to open trouble tickets rather than to report on Bug Tracker; trouble tickets go directly to’s customer service staff or system administrators, saving you time and hassle.

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