As promised, our development team has started rolling out new features!  Many of these are part of fixes that required some attention to reach our zero-defects goal, but in this case and when we can, we add value and improve your experience as we fix reported issues.  We’re pleased to announce these new improvements:

  • a Restore Defaults button in the Ultimate Front Office, to help you display only the default columns in the software. This is perfect when you find yourself viewing too many columns — just one click and you get back to the more streamlined view, hiding unnecessary details.
The Restore Defaults button
  • a brand-new column in the Ultimate Front Office, the Status Text column, which indicates the status of subscribers in text form. This column is especially helpful if you have difficulty distinguishing between the colors of status icons. Now, you won’t have any more trouble identifying who among your subscribers are active or due.
The Status Text column
  • editable Terms of Use link in the ISP Portal/CSM, so you can integrate your own billing terms for your subscribers. They can then agree to your custom terms when they are managing their own accounts through the CSM/Portal.
    Customizing the Terms of Service link
Custom Terms for subscribers
  • the improved format of the Printed Invoice, with the Balance Forward and Total Due on the tear-off portion, so it’s much easier to read.
    The improved Invoice
  • the improved window for Admin App Users, which now has added icons, a counter, and a status column, giving more information about users.
    Improved Admin App Users window

You’ll also find several other improvements such as added input validations in the CSM and a faster processing of Invoice in the Ultimate Front office.  Thanks for your continued invaluable feedback that results in improvements like these!  Please tell us what you think about these new additions — or better yet, tell us what you want to see in the future — by making a feature request or dropping a comment below.