Version 6 Beta Testers: Today we celebrate you, our beta testers, for your reports, feedback, input and patience as we work to create the world’s most powerful and easy-to-use ISP/WISP billing and automation platform.  We’re delighted to report that Ultimate Back Office version 6 Beta has reached a new milestone with a record low number of reported issues.
The count as I write this now is under ten, and every one of the remaining (somewhat more complex) issues is fairly far along in the resolution process. New issue reports have slowed down substantially -that’s a very good sign on the road to making your life easier with the world’s most feature-rich ISP Billing and Automation.
Average resolution time for newly reported issues is also down to just a few days with many issues resolved overnight from the time they are reported.  Next week we expect to roll out several fixes for invoices and Paid Thru dates that I announced on November 28.  These have been exhaustively and redundantly tested.

There are a few more uber-cool enhancements that are in various stages of completion scheduled to roll into version 6 before we freeze the code in the next 4-8 weeks. In the mean time, we’re on the hunt for any remaining issues you might have experienced that have not yet been captured by our team or otherwise reported by you. Please let us know and we promise to get them fixed quickly.
~Todd Grannis, CEO