Version 6 development is wrapping up and part of that process is tying up loose ends and polishing the final product.  There have literally been hundreds of items that have been improved in the last few weeks in addition to what’s been announced recently in NOC Nuuz.  Here’s a summary of 10 of the most visible improvements:
1. Centralized Application User Log: All ISP Config modifications are now logged in the ISP Config in one central location with a record of who made the change and when.

2. Paper Invoice Fee Exemption: Specific subscribers of your choosing will not be charged for a paper invoice.

You can even have the fee customized per subscriber by choosing Default, None, or Custom then setting the desired fee.

3. Re-Billing Fee Grace Amount: Re-Billing Fee (AKA “Late Fee”) is now an independent item in the ISP config.  There is also a “Grace Amount” option so that it is charged only to subscribers that are later than a specified amount of time.

4. New options for automatic invoicing:

5. New options for how to display the Total Balance Due at the bottom of invoices:

Clicking the blue Date beside “Total Balance Due as of” will give you the option to select a different date.

We’ve added two more helpful functions in the TSM:

6. Migrate Tickets – aside from syncing the calendar schedules, this button will migrate tickets to the technician assigned by the ISP provided the ISP manages his/her Google calendar.
7. Printable Subscriber (and ticket) Summary Report – can be accessed through the Print button

8. Subscriber Summary Report – You can access a report similar to the one above in 3 ways:

a. In the main menu, go to Subscriber > Subscriber Reports > Print Subscriber Summary, OR;

b. Right-click the subscriber, go to Subscriber Reports > Print Subscriber Summary, OR;

c. Right-click anywhere in the lower tabs, go to Subscriber Reports > Print Subscriber Summary

9. Multiple Billing Emails: You can now save more than 1 billing email for each subscriber.

10. Changes to subscriber IPs  are now saved in the subscriber’s history so users can track all changes.