DHCP Authentication in VISP

Are you using RADIUS? Do you authorize, authenticate and account for subscriber network usage? Are you using DHCP or PPPoE?

These are some of the questions you will come across when you control the usage and access of your network services. There are many ways to authenticate — most commonly, with a username and password stored in a subscriber’s device. Older ISPs that offer Dial-up or DSL service often prefer this method.

New Projected Revenue Report!

A new Projected Revenue Report is now available in UBO, specifically under the Billing category of the Report Center. You can now generate this report to show your estimated future revenue based on your subscriber’s current data based on the selected start month and...

Site Location Summary for ISP Site Equipment Report

A new group type is added in the ISP Site Equipment Report with a summary count of Site Equipment for your Site Locations. To access, go to the ISP Site Equipment report and select “Site Location” can now view and track the number of site equipment used at a specific...

New Signups and Account Management!

Remember when you first setup with Visp?  You may have seen the turnkey ISP web page that we’ve offered for years. And if you’re like most ISPs, you probably use the account manager to allow your subscribers to manage their account. Here’s a refresher: The problem...