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Appointment Slots allows subscribers to schedule their own installs

After a subscriber has prequalified their install site through Tower Coverage, you can now allow them to schedule their own install.
Google Calendar has a built-in feature called Appointment Slots where you can setup predefined slots for them to choose from to reserve an ideal time.
To get started, check out this video from Lynda and follow these instructions.
Here’s a sample scenario where you can use the Appointment Slots feature:

  1. Your ISP adds an open schedule on Google Calendar on Aug 31, from 8AM-12PM. The schedule is listed in 30-minute blocks.Note: click on Edit details, and make sure to put a check on the “Repeat…” checkbox if you want to keep the appointment block for future dates.


2. After adding a slot, your ISP creates a link to the appointment page and adds it on the Welcome Letter sent to new signups.

3.New subscribers may now schedule installations by selecting a 30-minute block on the open time slot.

*Note: This feature requires a Business, Education, or Government Google account, which you can get by signing up here.