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Authentication Systems Upgrade

Posted January 5, 2016
Powerful new upgrades to your authentication systems are available now. They’re designed from the ground up for High Availability, hence HA Authentication. For a summary of the architecture, click here.

What action is required?
Follow these instructions to point your Mikrotik or other NAS to the new authentication systems.

Radius authentication through Proxy 5 and Proxy 6 at our Grants Pass data center is scheduled to be turned down February 9, 2016, 35 days from this announcement so that additional upgrades can be completed. Contact our client success team for assistance as needed at 1-541-955-6900. Working with your client success rep is free.

What’s the purpose of the upgrade?
For nearly 20 years, Visp.net maintained our own data center that grew to manage over 100 servers, most of which were related to delivering UBO and it’s supporting services. New technology has presented incredible new opportunities to improve the quality of service you get from Visp.net, so in the last 18 months, we’ve been working on a huge project to upgrade all UBO servers to leverage these technologies using the world’s leading cloud providers, including Amazon, Google and other specialized service providers.
More than 90% of this upgrade, including the most challenging servers, have already been migrated. Much of the remaining 10% includes authentication systems that we upgraded and tested throughout most of 2015. This upgrade improves performance and adds significant reliability to your authentication.