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Even More New Features Now in UBO v.7 Beta

Did you know that you are already tapping the brilliance of some of the nation’s top independent Wireless ISPs? These are business owners who face many of the same challenges you do. They leverage technology to deliver extraordinary service, drive down costs, and maximize their income.


One secret is collaboration. At CEO Roundtables with other WISPs and visp.net staff, they share their biggest challenges and together we map out ideas to improve. This is the cornerstone of Visp.net’s labs and our primary driver of new features in UBO.  That’s why visp.net is evolving and improving so rapidly to meet your needs.

You’ll be pleased to hear that many new features have just been rolled into the Version 7 Beta of Ultimate Back Office. For details, click the link to the help file draft:

New features

  1. Quickly calculate profitability for each site
  2. Ticket and Schedule Manager now supports templates
  3. Custom field text can now be formatted and masked
  4. Support for unique invoice settings per package, not just per subscriber
  5. Flexible (mensiversary) billing now supported for online signups
  6. Account Manager password security enhancements
  7. Wireless service data is now archived in the Packages tab for inactive subscribers
  8. Equipment Manager now includes columns for location, contact, frequency and more
  9. Set equipment status
  10. Find equipment easily from the Equipment tab
  11. Notes and History tab now expands for easier viewing
  12. Domain-based RADIUS for more efficient and faster authentication
  13. Packages and billing now supports independent hosting, dialup, email, aliases
  14. Good news! Version 7 can be run side-by-side with versions 6.0 or 6.1

There are many more features in our labs that are currently under construction and in queue. If you’d like to make a bigger dent in the WISP universe, join a Visp.net CEO Roundtable meeting. Space and times are limited to a maximum of 3 WISP companies per call and 4 days a week starting at 4 PM Pacific. Contact us here.
Our mission with UBO is to transform your WISP into a powerhouse with the world’s most powerful and easiest-to-use WISP billing and automation software. Let’s make you an unstoppable competitor