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Improvements in UBO 6.1

Ultimate Back Office version 6.1, was released in June with a number of undocumented features. We’ve captured some of those here and drafted help files linked below. These help files are a work in progress, so if any part is not clear, contact us and we’ll get you answers quickly.

Features and Improvements:

  1. ISP Automated Payment System
  2. New tool to automatically generate HTML for your router’s Captive Portal
  3. New options to improve the flow of online Signups
  4. History tab now shows Date Last Modified
  5. DHCP-RADIUS support for much improved IP address assignment
  6. Option to hide the IP Address Displayed in the Account Manager
  7. Labor and Other Service can easily be invoiced through UBO and can have a custom label of your choice
  8. Account Manager: Hide Tabs you prefer to have hidden
  9. Manage and invoice wired service accounts such as fiber or ethernet
  10. Help Videos and Help Articles are presented in context on some panels
  11. IPPay Tokens are now supported
  12. Integrate PayPal into UBO
  13. Support for international addresses
  14. Filters now remember excluded subscribers
  15. Pricing for visp.net Hotspot support has been capped to max out at your regular price per subscriber

Ultimate Back Office is written for you. If you’ve got an idea that could better streamline your operations with UBO and benefit other WISPs, please contact us to join a CEO Roundtable. We’ll draft a specification for your review and look for ways to make your life easier and help you grow.