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Integrate your Google Mapping API key into UBO Mapping

Have you ever encountered the Google Maps over query limit issue when accessing the mapping page? Don’t you worry, UBO now provides you a way to integrate your own Google Mapping API key into the UBO mapping page.
UBO uses a Google Maps JavaScript API key and an Elevation API key for the mapping page of all its clients. It is a shared API key for all users of UBO which has a limit of 2,500 free requests per day and 50 requests per second. When the Display Lat/Lng and Ground Elevation is checked, each mouse hover is equivalent to 1 request. Also, each click in the mapping page is also equal to 1 request.

In UBO, there is now a field provided where you can enter your own API key to make the mapping requests exclusive only to your ISP. Follow this help file to get started.