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Items List Feature

Do you manually type the same additional line items on the subscriber’s invoice? Example, rental fees, static IPs, E911 charges. Now, you can quickly select items from a drop-down to add to the invoice. It makes sense to automate repetitive tasks to speed up your work and save time.
Introducing the Items List Feature


When adding new line items on invoices, you use the Items column to create a shortcode of the item you’re charging. Example, for a $10 discount you may write DISCOUNT10. For a $15 rental fee, you may type RENTAL15.
Later on, if you want to add the same line item with the same set of rates, taxes, or terms to a different subscriber’s invoice all you want to do is select the item’s shortcode from the drop-down in the Items column.
This time-saving feature is a result of your fellow WISP’s participation in the weekly CEO Roundtable. These meetings are focused and committed to leaning out your operations. If you have ideas that can improve your current processes, let us know and reserve your seat at the next roundtable.