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New Backup RADIUS is Available Now!

It happened once in 15 years: Visp.net’s cloud RADIUS services went offline. The incredible history of uptime to that point was a result of redundancy everywhere in our data center including IP circuits, power circuits, servers, power supplies, ethernet, power circuits, separate paths to the internet and more. But then just the right variables brought authentication down for a short time last fall and some subscribers couldn’t get online until we figured out what went wrong and got it fixed. Naturally it happened on a weekend. It was painful.
It’s not enough just to fix the problem; the root cause must be found and fixed. But when uptime is already 99.999+ a contingency must be built. So we developed a solution.
You can now setup a backup RADIUS in your router to fail over to an auth-all RADIUS. In the event where your primary Visp RADIUS is unavailable for any reason, the backup RADIUS allows authentication requests to pass until the primary RADIUS is back online. What could feel like a catastrophe, becomes a non-event.
Set up your Secondary RADIUS now. Here’s how (link to help file).