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Packages Optimization in ISP Settings

Leave it to success to push the envelope. UBO allows you to offer unlimited packages which are great when you serve hundreds of multi-dwelling units. One of our favorite ISPs discovered that as they added more packages (more than one hundred), the wait time to load in the ISP Settings window grew proportionately, and could even stall a computer. If you have a relatively small number of packages, which is most WISPs, you probably wouldn’t have noticed.
This panel is now optimized. So no matter how many packages you have, you can rest well, knowing there’s now plenty of room there to grow.
Here is a side-to-side comparison of the CPU performance on the same high-package-count ISP data before and after the optimization:

We’re actively optimizing version 7 to serve you better. If there’s a process that feels like it could be optimized, share your thoughts with the support team or at the next CEO Roundtable on Tuesdays at 3 PM Pacific, and we’ll be sure it gets in the queue.