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NEW Wireless Service Device History Report!

May 13, 2018

A new Wireless Service Device History Report is now available in UBO, under Packages and Services category of the Report Center. With this new report, you are able to choose which package you would like to view your wireless service device history. In the Wireless Service Device History Report, all

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Items List Feature

May 10, 2018

Do you manually type the same additional line items on the subscriber’s invoice? Example, rental fees, static IPs, E911 charges. Now, you can quickly select items from a drop-down to add to the invoice. It makes sense to automate repetitive tasks to speed up your work and save time. Introducing

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Stripe Payment Processing Now Available in UBO

Feb 09, 2018

Stripe is now available as a merchant option in UBO for credit card and eCheck payments. To start using Stripe for processing credit card and eCheck payments in UBO, open the Settings window -> Payments -> Merchant Account panel. Then, check the Enable Integrated Merchant Services in Ultimate

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New Billing Due History Report!

Feb 02, 2018

A new Billing Due History Report is now available in UBO, specifically under the Billing category of the Report Center.  Similar to the Billing History Report, this report displays all invoice charges generated for the subscriber but displays the charges based on the due date of the invoice rather

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Launch Winbox from UBO

Jan 28, 2018

If you’re using Winbox for network management, you can launch the application from UBO from three different locations: Equipment Manager -> ISP Site Equipment tab -> IP address field Subscriber Equipment tab -> IP address field Main Table -> Equipment IP column (open the Column Chooser

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