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Qwest Promotional Pricing Update

Apr 18, 2008

Qwest just released an update to their promotional pricing effective 4/20/08. Please download the updated product sheets for review. dsl_promotions_2008_q2b.pdf dsl3monthrebate.pdf The highlights that we were informed about are as follows: 256k and up to 7meg pricing remains stable. 1.5meg service

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Recent Technical Achievements in the NOC v1

Apr 09, 2008

Since it’s been some time since the last NOC Nuuz, some of the major technical achievements accomplished by the systems administration staff to improve services have gone unannounced. Over the next few months, we’ll be slowly rolling out new articles explaining recent achievements. To kick

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Auto Actions are out of BETA!

Apr 08, 2008

During the past decade, has developed ISP management software and an entire suite of services to make Internet providers more efficient through reduced management and increased margins. To continue in this tradition, we are pleased to announce that our Auto Actions have been released out of

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Welcome to Noc Nuuz version 3.0

Mar 24, 2008

Some time ago suspended the publishing of our NOC Nuuz, “News from the Network Operations Center at” If you’ve ever published a newsletter before, you know how time consuming it can be. We determined that, by the time we interviewed, wrote, and proofed the articles, added images,

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