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Ride the LTE Wave with VISP

Fast and stable internet is no longer a commodity, it is a necessity. As technology moves forward, internet providers from around the world scramble to deliver better and bolder ways to wirelessly connect. 

4G and Beyond

LTE or Long Term Evolution provides a perfect platform for ISPs to deliver connectivity across great distances, minus the hassle of long cables or wires. While many countries have already deployed 4G, few have surpassed the 50Mbps average speed limit. The world continues to hobble along to get the next big thing (5G) out of the live test lab and to consumers.

Riding the Wave

If you’re an Internet Service Provider who’s still thinking about whether to deploy LTE or not, always remember that at technology’s pace you’re already a day late! The best time to ride the LTE-wave is NOW.

Your Visp.net Billing and Automation software support activation and provisioning with Telrad. When you set up your package in Visp.net, a profile is added in BreezeView. After you provision and activate your SIM from your inventory. This activates your customers’ service.

Manage your LTE subscribers billing, suspensions, and reactivations through VISP, while gradually deploying your LTE network today!