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Transition from UBO Java to Web

In January 2019, Oracle will require businesses to have a commercial license to get future updates. Current Java Runtime Environments up to version 10 will still run after January 2019, and updates to Java 11+ will be available only with a paid license. You’ll see this, or you may have seen this as shown in the prompt below:



The good news is that Oracle is working hard to upgrade the technology, but since the UBO Java version is being replaced by the powerful new web version, it’s very likely we won’t invest any more time or license fees in Java. We’re eager to retire this technology. 7.5 will continue to run on JRE 8, 9, and 10. Until further notice, it’s best not to upgrade to JRE 11 when it’s released in late 2018. We hope to have a solid web beta in your hands by then anyway.
As of now, our UBO web is still in alpha and we’re currently upgrading the stack and refactoring several components as we prepare for beta. We’re also building the release environment in preparation for the beta and eventual release. We’ve got all hands on deck to get the beta fully functional and in your hands as soon as possible. If you want to try the alpha UBO web, you can login here https://dev.visp.net. We’d love to hear your feedback at an upcoming CEO Roundtable Tuesdays at 3 PM Pacific at visp.net/joinrt!