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UBO Version 7 Beta Release

YOU are the reason we are here.
UBO is constantly improving thanks to the tireless feedback of many outstanding WISPs and industry leaders in CEO Roundtable meetings, often after business hours, and across multiple continents. You know who you are. Wireless ISPs around the world owe you a debt of gratitude.
Now we’re super pleased to announce the Version 7 Beta of the Ultimate Back Office with over 20 powerful new features. (For details, click the link to the help file draft):

Major new features

  1. Flexible Billing (AKA Mensiversary Billing) now supports custom billing settings per subscriber
  2. Enhanced equipment monitoring
  3. Multiple devices (MACs) supported with a single username/password for hotspots


Improved Equipment Management:

  1. Powerful new equipment search (type a comma and see what happens)
  2. Auto suggest in add equipment
  3. Link backhaul equipment to its partner
  4. Associate subscribers with their specific access point
  5. Track multiple SSIDs for appropriate equipment
  6. Track frequency ranges
  7. Site owner contact details
  8. Attach files such as tower contracts or configs to Site Locations
  9. Attach files such as photos of tower equipment to Site Equipment
  10. Confidential attachments such as contracts can be marked private
  11. Number of records are now shown in the equipment manager
  12. IP address report track any IP address at a given datetime range
  13. Asset tags for regulatory compliance


Other improvements

  1. Reports and logs are now reflected in your timezone
  2. Option for seasonal subscribers to suspend and reactivate themselves
  3. ISP Settings (formerly ISP Configuration) have been reorganized for easier navigation
  4. Offer and invoice your subscribers prepaid support events

Keep your eyes peeled for other helpful improvements throughout UBO!