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Ultimate Back Office 7.6 Desktop App now available!

As of October 2018, Java is the world’s second most popular language. It was the leader for years but recently unseated by fast and efficient Python.  Why? Java is getting long in the tooth. At Visp, we’re eagerly developing a powerful new web version to replace Java UBO that’s built on the world’s most advanced enterprise architecture. It’s incredibly fast and flexible and can do some amazing things for your business and your team’s productivity. 

In the meantime, your ever-faithful R&D team at Visp has developed a solution to speed up the current version and allow you to uninstall the Java Runtime Environment from your computer and eliminate Java updates that can be annoying. WAHOO!

With the latest update, Ultimate Back Office 7.6 loads as a fully-self-contained desktop app. Caveat: the desktop app is only compatible with 64-bit systems which means that 32-bit systems still use the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). However, performance has been improved on all systems: Both the desktop app and the java app now cache your subscriber table to improve the initial load time each time you launch UBO.

In addition, pressing F12 in the keyboard will now display the Java console. Check this help file to start installing the desktop app with a different OS.