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Updated Session-Timeout For Wireless Authentications

We’ve completed testing of new radius code which will modify radius behavior slightly, to the benefit of you and your subscribers.  Previously, any subscriber would re-authenticate exactly 24 hours after they logged in.  Authentications generally go un-noticed by subscribers; however, if they happen to be in the middle of something where a slight delay could impact them (streaming, online gaming, etc) it might be noticed.  The new code is going to intelligently have them re-authenticate between 1:00AM and 2:00AM Pacific time, regardless when they login so there’s less chance of the subscriber noticing the event and to also defer that authentication traffic to lower use periods.  If you run maintenance around this time, don’t worry, the system automatically will accommodate that.
In addition, the re-authentications will be stepped apart by a few seconds.  For example, each subscriber will re-authenticate at a random period between 1AM and 2AM.  This is to prevent a flood of authentication requests to all happen simultaneously using an excess of network resources.
This new feature will roll out the first two week of February.  If for any reason, you prefer the old behavior, please let us know by opening a trouble ticket so we can switch your ISP back to the 24 hour timeouts.