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Visp Progress and Planning Report for 2017


You invested in Visp Billing and Automation or you’re considering it, and you’d like to feel confident that it’s the right choice. At Visp, we don’t just streamline your business; we take special care to listen to your ideas and refine them to help you grow.
I confess from a CEO’s perspective, our biggest challenge has not been a lack great ideas, but how to deliver your ideas into valuable tools quickly.
That’s about to change.
Our teams are building you an entirely new web-based ISP billing and OSS platform that’s not just modern but leverages the world’s most advanced enterprise-grade application architecture.
We’re super excited about it. I could write a tome about its extraordinary advantages over other frameworks. We’re most excited about the speed and quality with which we can build what’s important to you. Features that have already been designed for version 8 and beyond focus on large and growing ISPs. The roadmap for later this year includes powerful new ticketing, scheduling, mapping, inventory, truck tracking and much more.
How is Visp working to ensure delivery? In the last three months, we’ve hired a small army of highly experienced software engineers to ensure you get the new version fast and that it’s awesome. We’re still hiring.
When will version 8 be available? We expect a reasonably feature-complete beta in 3 to 6 months. Those attending our CEO Roundtable will have early access to functional components in the coming weeks.
Warm regards,
Todd Grannis, CEO
and the Visp Development and Success teams