I’m very pleased to announce the release of Ultimate Back Office Billing and Automation Version 6.0. All known high priority global issues  have been resolved.  Of the few remaining known issues, most have been resolved in testing and will be rolled out in coming maintenance releases and have limited impact.
This month, we fundamentally changed the way we manage versions to minimize “regression”, which basically means bugs that we might inadvertently introduce along with other fixes, tweaks, or features (these are bugs that somehow sneak past our extensive Quality Assurance processes).  You might feel relieved or you might feel disappointed to hear that Version 6 is now “feature-frozen”.

At visp.net, an incredible three-quarters or more of our staff time is invested in research and development to continuously streamline your operations and drive down your costs.  Many new exciting features are already in development in 6.1 beta and in version 7. Sometimes our operation feels to me a bit like Q’s lab in a James Bond movie, only it’s YOUR ideas that make our best new inventions.  We LOVE your feedback and truly appreciate your choice to work with us.
Warm regards,
Todd Grannis