RADIUS Authentication

wisp billing system 1With industry-standard RADIUS authentication, one simple click in the UBO software ensures that your subscribers always get the access they paid for. You’ll never again have to deal with “freeloaders” on your network. Because subscribers can easily pay online, your reps will no longer waste time fielding calls from angry subscribers who are waiting on reactivation after payment.


RADIUS authentication automatically:

  • Configures speeds and usage-based values for each subscriber.
  • Deactivates past-due subscribers and reactivates them on payment.
  • Collects accounting data and bandwidth usage for subscribers.
  • Provides accounting and bandwidth reports for you and your subscribers.
  • Supports PPPoE, PPPoA, PAP, CHAP, EAP, and automated capture pages.
  • Supports MAC-based and/or username and password authentication.
  • Enables easy integration with MikroTik and most other enterprise-class routers.
  • Guarantees availability with built-in redundancy.