Subscriber Signup Servers and Self-Management Portal

The built-in sign-up servers can be configured to display the packages you want to offer either globally, or filtered to specific property locations:

The signup servers can be easily integrated into your existing website, or you can use the customizable wireless ISP subscriber portal provided as part of the UBO Solution.


Customizable Subscriber Portal

The customizable wireless ISP subscriber portal is set up instantly when you install the UBO software. The portal makes it easy for subscribers to:

  • Sign up for service.
  • Update their accounts.
  • View a graph and detail of their bandwidth usage.
  • Check webmail.
  • Set vacation autoresponders.
  • Configure spam filter preferences, with personal white and black lists.
  • Access local and national news.
  • Learn more about other products you offer.
  • View their bandwidth usage on a graph.

Click here to experience a live sample portal.


Using the account management tool, your subscribers can conveniently:

Online Subscriber Account Management Tool

The online subscriber account management tool makes it easy for subscribers to manage their own accounts and can be instrumental in reducing call volume. Here’s how.

As part of the subscriber install process, your technicians can teach your subscribers how to use the account management tool. Wireless ISPs find that five minutes spent teaching the subscriber can eliminate as much as 50% of billing and account inquiry calls.