Subscriber Feedback

What ISP and WISP subscribers say…

I recently had a problem connecting with the internet. Your technician was a big help to me in solving it. Although it took a lot of her time, she persevered and did so in an amazingly good natured and patient fashion. I appreciated it all very much, and thought that the least I could do was to tell you.
radius billing software 7Thankfully I was led to talk to [an agent] in the tech. support… He was amazing! He was calm and very patient. He walked me through the troubleshooting, and finally discovered the problem. We were on the phone together troubleshooting for a long time. But he did it, when no one else could!!!I recommend that you roll out the red carpet for him, double his pay, and definitely do everything you can to keep him on as a happy employee. He deserves every perk there is available. I will be requesting him in the future if I ever need assistance again. He was amazing!!radius billing system 7
Thank you!! Sincerely, Janna Voss
billing software for isp 7Just wanted to say thanks. We moved into our new offices, plugged in our computers and the internet connection you set up for us worked perfect first time.isp billing software 7
You guys are great. Terall Blalock
isp billing system 7I want to express my sincere appreciation to you for your patience, cheerful support, and willingness to hang in there until the problem was fixed. I don’t know how long we were on the phone, but I know that I never felt hurried and that was a wonderful feeling when receiving tech help.So, I thank you for making problem-solving an adventure rather than a royal pain. You were very kind AND you solved my problem!Another victory for the ISP (and you)! You can bet I’ll tell all my friends!recurring billing system 7
Best to you! Joyce Phillips
wisp billing software 7Thank you so much. Your kindness…is wonderful and so much appreciated.wisp billing system 8
Kind and warm regards, Sydney Akerstein
wisp management software 8You were tremendously helpful to me in activating my web site. Thank you!radius manager billing system 8
Best wishes, Elaine Plaisance
…I want to say, ‘Thank You!’ My FTP problems are solved.…What you told me to do worked great and I’m a happy camper!
Thanks again, Tom Ellsworth
Just want to let you know how thrilled I am with your ISP service.I have had no down time and the accelerator makes things run at a very reasonable speed. What’s more, I’m saving a lot… I think I’ll stay with you and tell all my friends.
Thanks again, Karen DorameSt George, UT
Wow! Such fast and helpful response! I really appreciate when someone is as considerate and helpful as you were.Thanks a lot!
Serenity, Edward Jones
Please pass along my thanks…[you] got me connected to AFN today – everyone else I talked to said it couldn’t be done before next week. I really appreciate his help and I will recommend [you] to anyone looking to hook up.
Thanks again, Sarah and ML Hones

Responses from our subscribers when asked in routine surveys:

Please tell us what you like most about our service.

  • The fact that we have used it for years in Logan, Utah, but when we made a recent temporary move to Peoria, IL, we could continue our service here just by changing the phone number. Then when we return to Logan, Utah in 18 months, we will still be using the same service, again with only a phone number change.
  • Customer Support has been extremely helpful in getting results when system is down or experiencing problems.
  • When I call the office during business hours, I receive very friendly service and assistance.
  • The bill reminders.
  • Not having to talk to someone I can’t understand, who barely speaks English. Also prompt answers to questions.
  • Friendliness, attention to customers, support help that is accessible and solutions that really work. Thanks!
  • Customer support has been very pleasant and always effective-thanks.
  • I can only say A-OK!
  • Long time association with your company and the excellent relationship I’ve enjoyed with Technical Support.
  • You are great, now not so much applies to my account. I moved to Tacoma, Washington and have kept my Smartwire account to have the Rascals friends, the help and answers from List Serve, etc.
  • I always can connect at least 99% of the time on the first try.
  • 24-hour tech service.
  • Polite and efficient
  • Friendly and very curtious
  • Tech support is tops
  • Your techs have always been more than courteous and have always solved any problems that I have had.
  • It works for me.
  • The help I get when I need it.
  • You are local and accessable, and friendly.
  • I can speak to someone locally, if necessary during the day.
  • The price is right thank you!
  • I am generally well satisfied with my email service, It has greatly improved in the speed of downloading my email and filtering of spam. Also I don’t get cut off before I can read my email, let alone decide how I want to use it. I dreaded going into a website because of pop ups etc. but that seems to be in the past. I hae seen a definite improvement and I would recommend it to anyone.
  • You are very prompt, courtous and most helpful. I tell all my friends what a great company you are. Thank you.
  • When I stop in to pay my bill, whoever comes to counter treat me just fine.
  • I like the fact that we can phone in and receive help with problems.
  • Almost no down time.
  • I like the price and I have received good service when I have had a question.
  • The help I got when I signed up and didn’t know anything. Thanks again.
  • The fact that you are local and can be reached with a local phone call and talk to a friendly person. Also, I feel I am in support of RASCAL and the price is great.
  • Your smiling voice
  • Friendly, and you try hard to solve any problems I may have and not make me feel like a dummy.
  • Dependable!
  • Since I do so little on the computer what I do use is very satisfactory thanks!
  • Very helpful and fast.