Let’s say your subscriber has seen the invoice you sent and has already paid. You need to acknowledge that payment and record it in that subscriber’s register in the software. When it comes to using the software, this is “posting a payment”.

Open Receive Payment Window

  • Click the Post Payment icon in the Toolbar.


  • Go to Subscriber in the main menu > Accounting > Receive Payment.


  • Right click the subscriber.
  • Go to Subscriber > Accounting > Receive Payment.


  • Go to Statements tab > Receive Payment.

To post a subscriber’s payment…

  • Open Receive Payment Window. 
  • You can click the pin icon to show Receive Payment in a separate window, and click it again to return it to the UBO window. 
  • For credit card / eCheck payments: The software can immediately process credit card and eCheck payments for you* (provided you have enabled this feature in the ISP Configuration). When you choose Credit Card or eCheck as the Payment Method in the Receive Payment window, you will get the Process Credit Card/eCheck Payment Now checkbox. Just check this option before proceeding to the next step. Also, make sure that the card number or eCheck number is accurate when posting the payment. 
  1. Opens the Merchant Account Settings in the ISP Configuration.
  2. Tick the Process Credit Card/eCheck Payment Now checkbox by default.
  3. Untick the Process Credit Card/eCheck Payment Now checkbox by default.
  4. Remember the last state of the Process Credit Card Payment Now checkbox as default setting.
  • After you’ve entered the necessary information, it’s important to click Post Payment to record it into the subscriber’s account. The software will give you immediate confirmation that the payment has been posted or recorded, and you will be directed to another blank payment form.

    • If you would like to delete the payment, just click on Delete Payment button.
    • If you would like to post another payment, you can use this new blank form. But if you want to go back to the previous form, just click the arrow on the lower left corner of the window.

To print a receipt…

  • Post Payment.

  • Either you check the Add to Queued Payment Receipts to Print later to print it some other time..
  • Or click Print Receipt to print the receipt now.

To access an archive of posted payments…

  • In the Receive Payment window, click the left (←) arrow. (Note: You can browse back and forth by also using the right arrow except if it’s the most recent payment you did as it will show a blank payment window to accept another payment.)

Delete Payment

  • In the Receive Payment window, click Delete Payment.

  • Or choose the payment you want to delete from the Statements table.
  • Click Delete Item.

*Note on credit card payments

When we attempt to process a debit card payment, we receive the results immediately from the card processing company. At that time, the transaction is also sent to the customer’s bank. The bank’s computer system may take several days to determine whether or not the transaction is successful or if it is a decline. During this time, they place the funds on “hold” and they mark the transactions as “pending”. However, these transactions may show up on the customer’s online statement as successful, even though the bank has yet to determine if they are declines or not. When they receive the results, they will then update the online statement and account. If the transaction is a decline, they will remove the “pending” transaction from the statement and release the funds back into the customer’s account. If the transaction is determined to be successful, they will then release the funds to us. This is generally explained in the bank’s fine print when a customer signs up for a debit card.