For additional one time charges, such as extra equipment or repairs, you can add these in a separate invoice on a subscriber’s account.

  1. To add an invoice, first select a subscriber.
  2. Go to the statements tab and
  3. Click on the add invoice button. add_invoice_big
  4. The Invoice window pops up. Here you are able to see the invoice layout and details.
  5. Click the add item button to open up the add custom item window where you can add line items that you want to charge your subscriber. add_invoice_win
  6. Put in the description or name of the charge or item, the quantity and the rate.
  7. Check the recurring checkbox if it’s a monthly recurring charge.
  8. If it is a charge that expires in the future you can choose it to expire on a specific month.
  9. You can add tax as well by clicking on the drop down and selecting from the tax configurations available. add_item
  10. The Auto suspend option is available if you have checked recurring. Check the auto suspend box if you want the line item to auto suspend if the user’s account or package is either inactive or suspended. add_item_options
  11. Click ok when you are done.
  12. The charge is now listed on the invoice.
  13. If you want to add another one, just click on the add item button again.
  14. And as you can see, this invoice is now added on the statements tab. add_success