If you have an existing balance (meaning you’re Past Due) UBO will present the Payment Window, and you will not be able to access the rest of the software until a payment is made.
In here, you can choose your preferred method of payment–but at the moment VISP only supports eCheck and Credit Card.

The default value in the Amount field is your outstanding balance. You may want to take note that all fields in RED are required to be filled out.

If you want to make sure that this issue doesn’t happen again, just click or put a check on the “Automatically pay the balance due on the (enter desired number) day of the month using this account.” checkbox. You may also want to add an amount to the balance so that your account does not hit zero.
To finally enable UBO, click Pay Now. Once the balance is fully paid, you will then have access to your Ultimate Back Office Billing and Management software.