Once you open and log in to the software, you will see the main screen and its main areas.

The Main Screen

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The main screen is your central workstation. Everything you can do with the software, you can access from the main screen. It has a menu bar, a toolbar, the main table, and the lower tabs.

Menu bar

The menu bar holds the menu items, which are the functions, tasks, or activities that you can do (like add a new subscriber or edit your invoice).


Most of the menu items have corresponding shortcuts on your keyboard, as well as on the software’s toolbar. The shortcuts on the toolbar are icons which you can click to go directly to the functions.

Main table

Below the toolbar is the main table, where your subscribers’ information are sorted in columns (vertical areas) and rows (horizontal areas). You can also perform tasks here on the main table by right-clicking on a subscriber’s row.


When you click on a subscriber on the main table, his/her information will be displayed on the tabs at the bottom. These tabs are used to sort the information according to categories, like primary details and billing settings. If you need to add, edit, or delete some details about a subscriber, you can do that in these lower tabs.