To upgrade to a new package, you want to add the new package first, then move all active services to the new package. This ensures there is no interruption of service to the subscriber.

  1. To upgrade a package first select a subscriber.
  2. Go to the packages tab.
  3. You will see the subscriber’s current package.
  4. We will go ahead and add a package by clicking the add button.  addingpackage1
  5. It takes us to the add package window.
  6. Select the package they want to upgrade to.
  7. No need to activate an email account since they already have one.
  8. You can send a welcome letter
  9. You can have the billing start date now or we can have it later, picking the date as needed. Invoicing now or not.addingpackage2
  10. Hit OK.
  11. Now this is the most important part. As you can see on the subscribed packages panel, the old package is still showing active and the new package is grayed outaddingpackage3
  12. We are going to go into the old package. Right-click on the old package and it says move. We want to move the wireless service from the old package to the new one. (Do the same with all the active services.)addingpackage4
  13. Click yes in the prompt to confirm. Then hit OK on the prompt informing that it has been moved.
  14. The service information has been moved. Now you can see that the new package is now active. And the old one is grayed out.addingpackage5

We can now go to the old package and delete it. And that’s how you upgrade the package.