One of the major enhancements in the Ultimate Back Office v6  software is the use of PDF format to view your invoices and receipts. With this feature, you can digitally archive your invoices and reprint them. The PDF file is designed professionally without needing any extra effort on your part.  It is easy to use, informative and concise.
Key Features of the PDF Invoices and Receipts

-Your documents are portable, which helps you to open, view and print reports across


-It supports the standard envelope and paper size.

-No more frustrations from printing your invoices that are not formatted correctly.

Invoice contains the following sections:

1. It has your company’s logo

2. Subscriber’s Last Payment Details

3. Invoice Generation Details

4. Your company’s name and address

5. Subscriber’s name and address

6. Description (line item of the charges)

7. Account Summary

8. Automatic Billing Options

9. Change of Billing Address option

Receipt contains the following sections:

1. It has a your company’s logo

2. Receipt Details

3. Your company’s name and address

4. Subscriber’s name and address

5. Description (line item of the payments made)

6. Account Summary

7. Automatic Billing Options

8. Change of Billing Address