WISP Business

Your Brand, Online

A WISP website has to be versatile to provide the level of functionality that drives business and optimizes subscriber satisfaction.

It’s important to find a web team with a digital marketer, user experience professional, SEO optimization expert and a copywriter to create an affordable, effective website. Quality design and performance comes from experienced pros who understand the WISP business and offer:

Front- and back-end web management
Organic search and SEO support
Digital content that converts visitors to subscribers
Reliable hosting services

Give yourself a break, save time and position your brand for success — utilize Visp.net’s Web team.

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WISP Network Monitoring

Run a stable network, monitor hardware, better control bandwidth and the subscriber’s experience with billing system support for these integrated WISP network monitoring platforms:

Zabbix– A mature open-source monitoring system that integrates into the Ultimate Back Office billing and automation system.
Preseem– An automated network optimization solution that corrects “quality of experience” issues to drive satisfactory subscriber experiences.
SaiSei– Deep packet inspection platform that gives granular control of the subscriber’s connection and allows up to 95% utilization of your bandwidth.

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Supported Integrations

Resources that Lean out operations, save time and increase subscriber retention.

Google Calendar– Schedule installs and service calls for tech teams,
automated notification with account details are sent right to the technician’s email.
Google Mapps– Integrate your Google Mapping API key into the billing system and perform new subscriber site surveys in your coverage areas.
Market Broadband– Already have an account? Set it up in the UBO to automate your marketing. Drive more sales from the neighbors of your previous installs.
ServerPlus– Give subscribers 24/7 branded technical support that’s integrated with your subscriber data so they operate as an extension of your team.
TowerCoverage– Collect end-user submission data via web integration and reduce wasted truck rolls on no-gos.
QuickBooks– Connect your QuickBooks online account to UBO and the data in the billing system moves to your accounting system in real-time.

Contact your Success Team for more information at 541-955-6900.

Payment Processors and Gateways

Choose the processor that works best with your billing operations; many of the top gateways integrate with UBO.

Authorize.net – Subscribers can determine how they pay their monthly fees — credit or debit card, Apple Pay and PayPal are supported by Authorize.net.
IPpay* – WISP specialists for recurring card-not-present transactions with auto-updater tools that keep your cash flow on track.
PayPal – A secure online payment system that enables subscribers to send payments directly into your account.
Payment Express – A secure, global platform for recurring unattended transactions that ensure payments occur in real time.
PlugNpay – State-of-the-art solutions for domestic and international processing with advanced tools for fraud prevention and protection.
ProPay – Large credit card payment processor with options for WISPs of all sizes.
Stripe – A global, technology-based solution that processes payments for businesses of all sizes.
Oriental Bank – Payment processor for Puerto Rico.

*Preferred Processor: The two teams communicate and work together behind the scenes to resolve your payment processing issues without you getting stuck in the middle.

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Email and Hosting

You choose the domain and pay only for subscribers who want email. There are no email servers to maintain or upgrade; spam and virus filters are included.

Features include:

Access via POP3, IMAP, or the webmail solution.
5GB of storage per email account.
Support for attachments up to 25MB.
Subscriber-customizable spam filtering, including custom block and allow lists, sensitivity settings, and other handling options.
Always-on virus protection.

Call client success to find out how to offer email services to your subscribers at 541-955-6900.


Build Your WISP website

  • Choice of template/theme
  • 5 pages of design content
  • Integrated support for TowerCoverage.com
  • Integrated branded Account Manager
  • Integrated online subscriber prequal and signup
  • Branded DNS (portal.yourispdomain.com)
  • Branded vPortal
  • Personalized marketing content that converts visitors to subscribers for an added fee
  • Web administrative hosting and maintenance services are extra
  • Speed-test page delivered to the edge of your network through optimized content delivery network
  • Built on a development server for your review and approval and posted to Visp’s hosting servers
  • Additional development pages are $100 each


WISP Hosted Site

  • Unlimited data and storage*
  • Up to 10 premium (licensed) images
  • Managed Wordpress hosting
  • Update plugins each month
  • Secure Certificate purchased, installed and maintained
  • Automated security scans and alerts (Defender)
  • Supported by Visp’s Success Team with Emergenacy after-hours and weekend support
  • Deployed on CloudFront Content Delivery Network
  • Optimized for speed (Hummingbird)
  • Integrated Wordpress tutorial videos


WISP Site with perpetual design and maintenance

  • Execute and fix monthly security recommendations each month
  • Monthly SEO tune-up and report
  • Free access to over 100 premium Wordpress plugins such as:
    • Live chat (Streamlined business hours support)
    • Support System (Support Ticket System, subscriber FAQ)
    • Appointments+ (Customers can schedule their own appointments)
    • And, many more ...
  • A fresh design on demand
    • Never let your site design get outdated again! When your ISP website is hosted by Visp, your site design is updated to a modern style at your request as often as every 12 months.


Content Authoring

An experienced, digital marketing copywriter will work with you to develop five, original web pages to effectively convey your brand, its unique value and persuade subscribers to upgrade their packages and continue their loyalty to your ISP.

20-hour value streamlined to a 6-hour budget


Three-Page Authoring

Update three pages, such as your primary landing page, “About Us” and one feature or product page.

10-hour value streamline to a 4-hour budget


Custom design work and US-based content writing

Do you prefer to create your own content package? We’re happy to work with you in the way that best suits your business. Here are time estimates to help you get the most from your web development budget.

Info gathering Interview to determine preferences: 30 minutes

Landing page – 1.5 hours

Two back pages – 1.5 hours

Initial draft acceptance process – 30 minutes

Polish: 1 hour and NPS survey

Final polish and acceptance – 30 minutes