Billing and Automation
for WISPs

Automated functions laser-focused
on your growth

Inside an organization, there are only cost centers. The only profit center is a
customer whose check has not bounced.

Peter F. Drucker

Getting paid is what this is all about. Without automation, manual collection is labor-intensive and expensive. Who wants to pay a support person to leave voicemails about missed payments?

Your subscribers make payments on time when your billing platform is in sync to their internet access. For those who are suspended, make it easy for them to post a payment and get back online without tying up your expensive staff with phone calls.

Ultimate Back Office Billing and Automation

You will always have a human element to billing, but there are many tasks that can be automated. Ultimate Back Office (UBO) streamlines billing and customer management with:

It’s easy to view and navigate your data with UBO, it takes just a few clicks to get to subscriber history, connection status, the amount due, assigned assets, contact and much more.

You’ll find the system is intuitive for fast accurate customer service. Your team can get to a resolve fast and keep your subscribers happy, so they stay your customer for a long time.


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Automated payment enforcement

Data freeloaders SUCK!  But that’s what you end up with when systems aren’t connected to your subscribers’ payment status. With automatic payment enforcement, the payment status of each account is tied to subscribers’ access permissions.

When a payment is missed, that customer has a graceful experience that takes them to a payment screen. Once the payment process is complete and the account is up-to-date, the subscriber is presented with an option to continue to the internet.

Automated payment enforcement through RADIUS supports Hot Spot, PPPOE and DHCP.

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Reduce subscriber churn

“87% of subscription-based business owners say that automating features that are focused on managing predictable payment failures would have a meaningful impact on reducing involuntary churn.” (Forrester Research)

How does that work? Reducing churn and achieving high retention requires staff to be focused on your subscribers, and the automation in UBO gives you that time.

There’s a 92% retention among companies with a well-crafted customer service approach. (Aberdeen Group)

If you take that time to create a well-crafted customer service strategy, how much more success would your business experience?

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It’s so easy there’s not much training needed

The UBO platform is so intuitive that there’s no need to invest a lot of time and effort into training. You have an instant overview of due, past-due and paid-up accounts.

There are many design elements that UBO deploys to reduce your learning curve. In fact, it’s so easy to learn the system that there is no charge for training and it’s available any time.

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Get the info you want from management reports

Make the right decisions about your company’s growth with an accurate overview of key performance indicators (KPIs). The built-in report center gives you access to information that’s essential to effective decision making:

  • Monthly Revenue report
  • FCC Subscription reports
  • Auto-Action reports
  • Revenue Per Location report
  • Cancellation report
  • Marketing report

Keep your finger on the pulse of your company’s health.  Sign up for a free demo, today.

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Subscriber access that supports your
exceptional service

Keep your subscribers longer

Everyone expects online access to their accounts — your bank, utilities and Smartphone accounts are available from the web. Why not give subscribers the same tools?

Customer Self Management Portal allows subscribers view and update contact information, see current charges and billing history. With easy access to their usage information and the ability to make payments, you’ll fit perfectly into your subscribers’ lives. And, best of all, the CSM is professionally designed and branded to your company so YOU look good.

Inventory and Equipment Manager

Keep your access locations organized; manage your Tower Sites, apartment buildings and multi-dwelling units. (MDUs) You’ll know what equipment you have at each location, the cost to build that site, number of subscribers that connect, total revenue and most important your margins.

When you deploy a CPE to a subscriber, tag that asset to their account. HyperRADIUS authenticates from the MAC of the CPE, so you’ll always have an easy way to confirm what asset you install at each customer’s location.

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Minimum System Requirements

Mac Operating Systems

Windows 7 or higher

Most variants of Linux – though functionality may be limited in non-Windows OS environments


Build Your WISP website

  • Choice of template/theme
  • 5 pages of design content
  • Integrated support for
  • Integrated branded Account Manager
  • Integrated online subscriber prequal and signup
  • Branded DNS (
  • Branded vPortal
  • Personalized marketing content that converts visitors to subscribers for an added fee
  • Web administrative hosting and maintenance services are extra
  • Speed-test page delivered to the edge of your network through optimized content delivery network
  • Built on a development server for your review and approval and posted to Visp’s hosting servers
  • Additional development pages are $100 each


WISP Hosted Site

  • Unlimited data and storage*
  • Up to 10 premium (licensed) images
  • Managed Wordpress hosting
  • Update plugins each month
  • Secure Certificate purchased, installed and maintained
  • Automated security scans and alerts (Defender)
  • Supported by Visp’s Success Team with Emergenacy after-hours and weekend support
  • Deployed on CloudFront Content Delivery Network
  • Optimized for speed (Hummingbird)
  • Integrated Wordpress tutorial videos


WISP Site with perpetual design and maintenance

  • Execute and fix monthly security recommendations each month
  • Monthly SEO tune-up and report
  • Free access to over 100 premium Wordpress plugins such as:
    • Live chat (Streamlined business hours support)
    • Support System (Support Ticket System, subscriber FAQ)
    • Appointments+ (Customers can schedule their own appointments)
    • And, many more ...
  • A fresh design on demand
    • Never let your site design get outdated again! When your ISP website is hosted by Visp, your site design is updated to a modern style at your request as often as every 12 months.


Content Authoring

An experienced, digital marketing copywriter will work with you to develop five, original web pages to effectively convey your brand, its unique value and persuade subscribers to upgrade their packages and continue their loyalty to your ISP.

20-hour value streamlined to a 6-hour budget


Three-Page Authoring

Update three pages, such as your primary landing page, “About Us” and one feature or product page.

10-hour value streamline to a 4-hour budget


Custom design work and US-based content writing

Do you prefer to create your own content package? We’re happy to work with you in the way that best suits your business. Here are time estimates to help you get the most from your web development budget.

Info gathering Interview to determine preferences: 30 minutes

Landing page – 1.5 hours

Two back pages – 1.5 hours

Initial draft acceptance process – 30 minutes

Polish: 1 hour and NPS survey

Final polish and acceptance – 30 minutes