Commitment Fuels Success

When you activate with, your success is priority one. Your Success team will…

  • Collect, massage and clean your data
  • Import customer records
  • Inspect and correct import inaccuracy
  • Train your billing and support teams
  • Facilitate your new hire training
  • Optimize VISP as your business grows
  • Respond fast to reported issues
  • Be available on live chat
  • Create a private text channel with accountability tools
  • Provide easy access to upper management and CEO
  • Host weekly ISP-Driven development discussions
  • Develop and release new features for your ISP operation

Client Success Team
Why Success instead of Support?

Committed to Your ISP Business

Support = A depressing process of working with upset customers.
Success = An Inspiring process of helping a client’s business win.

It’s about where the reps put their energy — most support staff focus on just resolving the issue you called about so they can get you off the phone. Typical support teams can make you feel unimportant, an inconvenience or just plain stupid. Or worse, you discover that you didn’t get the right resolution and that rep’s suggestion causes even more problems.

When you contact Client Success at, you’ll experience a dedicated, team approach to resolving your issue. They work with you to uncover your ultimate objective then support your business success with sound recommendations. In fact, you’ll find the Client Success Team is so responsive and connected to your ISP success that you’ll swear they’re in your back room and on your payroll.


Todd Grannis, CEO and founder got an early start in technology. He co-founded Chatlink, a software that became the world’s largest Bulletin Board Service (BBS) chat network before the internet opened to the public.

As the internet took off, Grannis innovated new technology to help his BBS customers and computer stores become the first internet service providers. His automation software allowed them to become virtual ISPs, this inspired the name “Visp” which means Virtual ISP. Wireless ISPs use this same automation technology to streamline their billing and better control their operations for rapid growth.

Todd Grannis, CEO and founder
Working on your business is as important as
working in your business.


CEO Todd Grannis hosts a weekly group video call with ISP operators called the “CEO Roundtable.” The team leverages feedback from these meetings to build features and improve designs.

“The CEO Roundtable gives ISP operators influence over the system they use every day. They review everything from the designs to the final product,” Grannis explained. “Roundtables have become a community where ISP operators air their biggest issues with colleagues who have often faced and solved the same challenges.”

Service Guarantee

Triple Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If for any reason your subscriber is not satisfied with the services you provide through your partnership with and you provide the subscriber a refund, will provide you a full refund for the wholesale cost you paid for that subscriber’s services for up to 60 days prior to your written request for refund (not to exceed the same period you refunded the subscriber).

Triple guarantee -
Triple guarantee -

100% Uptime Guarantee uses redundant technologies to maximize uptime of its network. At your request, will provide you with a pro-rated refund for downtime that negatively impacted your subscribers according to’s written Policies and Procedures.

100% Retention Guarantee
If a migrated subscriber terminates due to dissatisfaction with services provided by during or up to 90 days from the start of the migration process, will credit the ISP 12 months of the wholesale rate for that subscriber’s service. To exercise the guarantee, ISP must follow the ISP’s part of the migration process according to its planned schedule and carefully follow migration staff instructions. If a subscriber cancels, provide a copy of a verifiable written cancellation notice from the subscriber stating the reason for the subscriber’s termination, which must be attributable to the migration. Applies to ISPs with 12 month or longer term.

Company Recognition

  • Inc. 500/5000, List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the U.S., Two-time Recipient
  • Workforce Development Award
  • Small Business Growth Award
  • 800 Lb. Gorilla Award
  • Oregon’s 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies – Four-time Recipient
  • Innovative Southern Oregon
  • Southern Oregon Workforce Development Award
  • SBDC Business of the Year
Company Recognition Visp
Champion Award Visp
Dreamer award Visp
Against All Odds Award Visp