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VISP has always been there for support. Not for months, but for years. Twenty plus years of solid transparent support is not something you overlook. Thank you for what you do.
Randy Meche

Very fast and repaired in 5 minutes what are you guys drinking?? Send me a cup lol

Lee Hall
Red Line Internet Services LLC
Fast work and correction on billing. Thank You all
Steve Ansley
Great customer service!
Belynn Ridgley
Northern Arapaho Solid Waste Program
As always just AMAZING
Karin O
Verde Valley Internet
VISP is always on top of getting me infomation I need and even creating a custom file for different filings that I need matching the template thats needed. 10/10 will always recommend!
Tnet Broadband Internet LLC
Always a pleasure!
Connie Coppoth
Always awesome


Very fast. Thanks for your help.
David Krenz
Software Pipeline

VISP has proven to consistently provide support year after year. Thank you.

Randy Meche
Internet Management Services
Awesome team!

Connie Coppoth

Thanks for your help.
HomeTown Internet, LLC
J Hunsberger, Karin Olivier,
Verde Valley Internet
I appreciate you guys and how you have such a great team. Thank you and Tell Dave T. I wish we had taken you guys years ago.
Terry Norris
Rapid response and solved the issue !
Steve Ansley

Great response time.

Jacob Morin
Great quick response!
This team just gets better and better with each passing week!

Andrew Odom

Eastern Carolina Broadband,
Support was great, I got all my questions solved in a timely manner and with great care.
Octavio Ciraiz
Thank you for your assistance.
IT Group, Inc.,
Richard Soutar
Triple Crown Internet, Inc.
I always get assistance right away and in a manner that is very satisfactory. Our mistakes are explained so that I know how to correct them and try to prevent the issue from happening again. Thank you for the great service!
Janet M. Cunico

Everything is going well keep up the great work!
Hilton Woods
Great Job and very professional!
Crossroads WiFi
Thanks and shoutout to the team on FCC.
Erica Shateestrong>

I was asked to rate you guys… How do you rate perfection? I’m sad we spent time with other vendors before we joined your organization

Terry Norris
I was very pleased

I needed some domains removed from my UBO. I was very pleased that before doing so, they double-checked to be sure none were in use. There were indications that two were active but we were able to determine they were with old, deleted accounts and the domains could be safely removed.

Bill Hibler
kind and professional.
Every time I have asked them for help, not only do they respond right away but they always fix it graciously. They are always kind and professional.
Mollie Dailey
I am really feeling great
Wow, thanks for the dedication!! It feels good to know we are a part of your team and vice-versa. I am really feeling great about his whole deal. Thanks!!!
Albert Catanach

”Thank you for showing me some things I can make better from my end… I’ve never worked with a software company that tries so hard to listen to their users and implement changes. In my world, I’m very accustomed to “take it or leave it.”

Thank you for being so accessible and gracious.

Laura Kegley

Hillbilly Wireless

I would like to express my extreme satisfaction of how well the migration of our whole ISP went with the help of the past, I spent most of my time fighting with local carriers for bandwidth and dial-up dialtone service and billing issues. Then one day while cleaning my office, I stumbled upon one of’s letters (while waiting for one of 9 of my Verizon reps to call back on a 7-month long battle over billing). I took a chance and called the number and to my surprise, someone answered the phone and took the time to explain the program. After crunching the numbers, I found it to be a viable solution for me or my other hard line ISP. The thing I liked the best was the per customer billing, so when other bandwidth and Telco providers were slamming my customer base, switching them without warning, now I don’t have to worry about customer subscriptions having to be a certain level for profitability for the amount of bandwidth, they had to get into long contracts to buy.

Now I know what the profit margin is on every customer and don’t have to worry about overloading my system, I can now put my effort into selling and not maintaining the high cost of servers and bandwidth contracts. This has freed up my time considerably.

Every scenario possible was immediately addressed and solved flawlessly by the great team at, much to the amazement of my tech staff. The common phrase was, “How did they do that?” Well, the answer was simple: is the best at what they do. The dial-up switch was seamless and the DSL and email was even easier. The nights I spent worrying about the migration were in the end not necessary, just let the pros at do what they do best and don’t worry.

How my ISP has never ran smoother and my subscribers love it and best of all, they never knew what happened!

Thanks to all the People at for helping me in my time of transition.

Dave Pearcy
Rapid response
I want to take a moment to thank you and your team for the outstanding job you have done this week launching the Truth Services billing system and website! The rapid response we received… was very impressive. Please pass along our gratitude. Thanks!
Allan McLendon
Depth of knowledge and patience
I wanted to drop you a line and tell you of the excellent support your guys are giving us.
I appreciate the experience in answers to questions, their depth of knowledge and patience, as well as the answers which in some cases, top the balance of a business decision. – The difference in getting the client – or not.
Thank you for taking our success seriously! 
Darren M Thompson, Sr. gave me the freedom
We have things in place that make life good. But I felt guilty at first because gave me the freedom I’d always been looking for, but had evaded me until now.
Randy Meche
Founder, Internet Management Services (IMS)


Jason Marsland
Velocity Networks
We really appreciate it
AWESOME! THANK YOU!!!! Our “Thanks” to all your staff. Let them know we really appreciate it.
Patricia Tulak
We appreciate all you have worked on with us
Shame on you! How do you expect your competitors to make a living? LOL… Thanks… If I haven’t told you this before, we appreciate all you have worked on with us…
Ryan Mallory
Hard work and progress
Thanks, Todd and your great team for all your hard work and progress.
Duane Zechmann
Telebeep Wireless (IMS)

I just can’t get over how awesome you guys have been to work with. Every time I call or email you guys, you are right there on top of it and totally helpful! 

The level of service and competency you present is a rarity among the companies I have been dealing with! Thank you, tons!!

Micah Owens
real-time solution provided us with a turnkey real-time solution to become an ISP in the USA. Their constant support and help were a breath of relief for us. Being a UK-based company, dealing with the US via email and phone was made easy… Thanks.
Jonathan Sklan-Willis
Thank you so much… Our tech doesn’t rave very often, but she says you’re awesome.
Kathryn Gordon
Top Shelf!
I would like to congratulate you and all your employees that I have come in contact with at The professionalism, support systems and processes that your company has provided to us has been second to none! Truly “Top Shelf!”
Kirk Gee

I want you guys to know that I have had nothing but good reports about the tech support for the last week. Considering that we had to deal with a two-day [local fiber cut] outage I think that is pretty remarkable. Please pass this on to whoever needs to know. Thanks.

Bill Hibler
I’m having a hard time adjusting to a vendor that is so focused on their customers and I appreciate that more than I can adequately express in an email.
Mitch Dailey
BEST that I have ever used
I have personally used over 10 different client tracking software programs and this is the BEST that I have ever used. It is much easier to modify and adapt to OUR way of doing business that it almost seems to have been custom built for us!
Ken Richins
GoBrolly Internet Service Provider
Outstanding job
”As usual, you and your team have done an outstanding job responding and providing assistance. Thank you!
Allan McLendon
” I want to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the excellent work has done in managing the transition of over 1,200 members to your network. As you know, we have worked with other Virtual ISP providers and have first-hand experience managing and evaluating such relationships. offers the best combination of services we have found in the marketplace… outstanding customer service ethic, comprehensive reporting and engaged leadership.

JPR has been extremely satisfied with the work has done for us in making JPR a service that meets and exceeds our standards for quality service to our constituents. I unequivocally can recommend for any organizations seeking Virtual ISP services and welcome an opportunity to talk with local organizations who are considering partnering with your company. “

Paul Westhelle
Jefferson Public Radio

NEVER let me down

VISP and the ENTIRE team NEVER let me down. I can usually get it my way, when it comes to the way I want my system set up and operating. 
Founder, Howards Highspeed
Open to listening
” My favorite things about the CEO Roundtable is Todd’s patience – and if that includes an entire presentation by a vendor that we think could integrate with Visp, Todd (Grannis, CEO of Visp) is open to listening and now we have them integrated in the system. 
Forbes Mercy
Founder and President, Washington Broadband
Support staff is awesome
The support staff is awesome to work with. They really helped me to get answers to my questions, and challenges, in learning UBO that was thoroughly clear to me. Thank you! 
Wes Davis
Founder, Canyon Wireless

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how pleased I am with my decision to choose Visp as my ISP partner. Every member of your staff is absolutely top notch. They treat every call as if I were their only customer – it’s like having them on my staff. Thanks for everything.

Terry Bryson
Thanks for your time, you just gave me back a bunch of mine.
RT Wagner
GoBrolly Internet Service Provider


Amazing how quick you guys get things done! 
Renaldo Coakley
Coakster Wireless
Congratulations on having such fine staffing quality on your front lines.
Ned Schuman
Founder, Olympus
I saw that you had the portal up several hours ago and remain highly impressed with the courtesy, technical skills and desire to help that seems to emanate from every executive and employee I have had the pleasure to speak with.

As you know, we have offered access programs for almost 3 years now with problems too many to recall. After working with you on your special needs, I’m convinced that the norm for your company’s service is far above any other daring enough to call themselves your competitor.
God Bless and keep up the great work!

Chance Harker
Jefferson Public Radio
Just wanted to say, “Thanks!” for all your help with our first of the month credit card batch. On behalf of all of us here, we really appreciate you writing scripts to export all the CCs to be charged for the month so we can import onto our CC software, and another to post all entries, so that’s a ton of time saved for us!
Thanks again, Man!
Tony Jovoric

Thank you for the AMAZING support!

Tim Thomas
OOMPH Internet