Control Your Infrastructure

Infrastructure Resource Management (IRM), a site and device management system

Map and Manage Your Entire Network and All Your Equipment

Infrastructure Resource Management (IRM) manages the lifecycle of your equipment, from purchase to placement, with the option of an Inventory and Purchase Order management system. The IRM maps your AP coverage areas so you can prequalify your subscribers right from the system.

Infrastructure Resource Management

Manage Infrastructure Equipment

Tracking equipment in a growing network is a challenge. A reliable equipment system that shows you where your hardware is deployed is essential. Notifying subscribers about tower maintenance is more accurate when you can pinpoint who it affects.

If inventory tracking is your pain then you’re covered with VISP’s IRM; it manages PO’s, stock levels and location of all your assets.

(IRM) Infrastructure Resource Management Video
VISP Network Monitoring System (vNMS)

Network Monitoring

VISP Network Monitoring System (vNMS) monitors the network with real-time indicators that let you see if a device is up or down at a glance.

Lifecycle Management

Reusable equipment profiles are essential in device lifecycle management, tracking where each device has been and where it is. Enter APs into the system for easy FCC deployment data reporting and subscriber pre-qualification.

Group components into assemblies to simplify site builds and subscriber installs.

Visp  Lifecycle Management

Equipment Management Software
that Maps the Entire Network

Network maps are built from your towers, APs and backhauls to give you an accurate view of your coverage. Assign equipment to specific locations, track the exact placement on a building and the installed elevation on a tower.

View your coverage area, PtP link paths, LOS profiles and use the ”What If” feature
to plan network builds.

“What If” &
“Quick Check”

Build “What If” scenarios to identify the ideal placement of towers, APs, and backhauls for expansion and offloading existing customers from busy towers. Customize filters and map layers to view failed installs and influence your buildout strategies.

Use Quick Check to prequalify new subscribers.

Build “What If” scenarios
Gain Supreme Inventory Management & Control

Gain Supreme Inventory Management & Control

Applying for federal grant money or working with public/private partnerships makes inventory management essential. As you enter your equipment into IRM, inventory items are created so when tracking and managing PO’s, stock levels and the location of all your assets is required, you’re ready.

Purchase Order Management

Manage PO’s and track orders from creation to deployment and beyond.

Track your RMAs, partial-filled, canceled and rejected orders. The PO system includes a dashboard so management stays up-to-date.

Purchase Order Management

Tracking equipment in a growing network is a challenge. A reliable equipment system that shows you where your hardware is deployed is essential.

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