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It all started in 1989 in Grants Pass, Oregon in a tiny office not much bigger than Steve Job’s doormat. The idea was to create a national BBS called Public Data Network. But then investor and co-founder Todd Grannis was struck with a vision of a way to connect the chat rooms of previously isolated BBSs around the world through low-cost x.25 networks used for global credit card processing. This became a new kind of global BBS chat network called Chatlink that became the world’s largest BBS chat network. For the first time, a person in New York could chat with a person on the other side of the globe with a local modem call.

Then the Internet happened.

BBS providers became the first ISPs and many of those became WISPs who needed software to streamline their billing. Innovation continued and Chatlink evolved into Visp by 1996 to meet these needs. It’s been evolving ever since, with a mission to streamline your billing like nothing else on the planet.

WISPs and ISPs seeking to increase profits while providing subscribers with a better, more reliable internet experience. You leverage years of development designed to help you leave the cares of maintenance and subscriber billing behind. You can focus more time than ever on attracting new subscribers.

You’ll discover a lot to like about visp.net, so we invite you to leverage Ultimate Back Office to make your life easier.

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