24-Hour U.S.-Based Subscriber Call Center Support

American Express, the industry expert on consumer attitudes toward customer service, reported two especially startling statistics in its 2011 Global Customer Service Barometer:
  • 59% of US consumers will switch brands to get better customer service.
  • 70% of US consumers will spend 13% more with companies that provide excellent service.

Subscribers who can rely on getting the service they want become long-term customers with significant lifetime value to your business. They’ll pay more for that service, too.

Visp.net has partnered with one of the nation’s leading U.S.-based 24-hour subscriber call centers to help you quickly offer 24-hour call center support to your subscribers and take the load off you and your staff:

  • Same-day setup — everything is already integrated with your UBO data.
  • Privately branded support for your subscribers — all calls are answered using your company name.
  • Industry-leading technical support for wireless connectivity, email, web hosting, VoIP, DSL, and yes, even dialup issues.
  • The ability to customize how the support staff handles calls, including phone greetings, decision trees, and escalation processes.
  • Support for billing questions related to invoices, payment history, and due dates.
  • Escalation notices of subscriber issues that require your attention.

Give your subscribers the benefit of live 24-hour technical support from real people trained to help them get up and running fast. This is a service offered by one of visp.net’s partners. It integrates with UBO and is available at an additional cost.

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