December 19, 2013 – Version 6.0

bug fix 15845 : For pre-scheduled tickets, clicking the Schedule button now opens a prompt with options to reschedule the ticket to the current date or to retain its originally scheduled date. bug fix 15875 : CSM online payment is

December 14, 2013 – Version 6.0

bug fix 15851 : Statement windows are now working properly. bug fix 15842 : The delete payment is now associated with the correct appuser right. bug fix 15854 : Inactive users are now excluded in the TSM Followers list.

December 10, 2013 – Version 6.0

bug fix 14045 : Today and Yesterday options are now removed in the software menu for “Credit Card Expiration Report (Date Bound)”. bug fix 15770 : Adding packages with future bill start dates [invoice now] now works properly. bug...