Dec 29, 2015 – Version 6.1

tticket 15144+ : History log will now be  added when checking or unchecking paper invoice. bug fix 19631 : Tax column has now been removed since it is not a relevant item for the Packages that an Account is subscribed to report.

Dec 17, 2015 – Version 6.1

bug fix 19589 : Payment will now post into the software successfully. bug fix 19604 : MAC query functions have now been optimized. tticket fix 15121+, 15173+ : Subscriber Usage Report will now include usage history of the previous MAC addresses of the...

Dec 12, 2015 – Version 6.1

bug fix 19448 : ‘Any subscribers who is on auto-pay and whose Credit Card has expired’ trigger is now available in the software. If you want to send the expiration triggered email only to subscribers who are on auto-pay, kindly activate and fill the template for this...

Nov 18, 2015 – Version 6.1

bug fix 19469 : If package has no setup fee, Charge a setup fee checkbox is now disabled in the Add Package window. Also, tooltip behavior is now consistent for those packages with no setup fee. bug fix 19499 : Validation for signup fields is now similar to the fields...

Oct 22, 2015 – Version 6.1

bug fix 19352 : Payments will now process and unsuspend packages without a hosting service successfully. bug fix 19355 : Noc Nuuz page will only popup when there are new posted noc nuuz after their last login.