Dec 20, 2016 – Version 7.0

IP Address can now be added manually to RADIUS (for selected ISPs only). bug fix 20816 : There is now a delay when calling ground elevation to lessen the elevation calls. Also, a Ground Elevation checkbox is now unchecked by

Dec 16, 2016 – Version 7.0

bug fix 20926 : Daylight Savings time for Central Time (US & Canada) display in TSM is now fixed In Settings Package Invoicing, text for Invoicing for Packages now displays “Set the following settings as default: [ ] when invoices

Dec 13, 2016 – Version 7.0

When updating a package in the ISP Settings window, description is now only added in the ISP history logs if it package description is edited. ISP Captive payment is now added to UBO. Portal website, signup, and account manager can