Category : Foundational Tasks with the Software

Manage wired service accounts

Jul 08, 2015

Other Connection service refers to non-wireless connection services that work the same way with Wireless service. To add an Other Connection service to a package: Open the ISP Configuration window. Select a package from the list in the Packages node (or add a new one). Select the Other Connection service

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Labor and Other Service

Jul 07, 2015

Here’s how you add Labor and Other Services to a Package: Open ISP Configuration > Packages > [Package name] Click the plus sign (+) beside the Labor service or Other Service in the list of Available Services at the right-most part of the panel. Optional: You can add more services of the same

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Adding a Tower Equipment

Aug 08, 2014

To change an ISP’s tower equipment, just click on the equipment button on the toolbar. Adding a Tower Equipment Go to Tower Equipment tab and click on the Add Equipment button.   Fill up the Add Tower Equipment window to successfully create a tower location. All the required fields are

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Billing Info Tab

Aug 01, 2014

The Billing info tab is located on the subscribers lower tabs, and contains basic billing information for the subscriber. In most cases, the Billing Contact information is the same as the Primary Contact, yet may differ depending on the subscriber’s billing method. This information is also used

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Setting Usage-Based Billing

Jul 30, 2014

Usage based billing is a great way to keep track of your high-usage subscribers and manage users’ bandwidth. Go to ISP Configuration > Packages > [wireless package name] > Usage-Based Billing     Apply usage-based billing to wireless access services in this package. –

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