Category : Keeping in Touch with Your Subscribers

Adding Email Templates

Aug 08, 2014

Email templates are very useful and enable you to save a lot of time in managing emails that you send to your subscribers. Go to Mass Email > Add > Add Template > [the folder where you want to add the template] Or right-click the folder where you want to add a template. Choose Add

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Triggered Email

Aug 05, 2014

Triggered emails are emails sent out by a triggered event such as a posted payment or declined credit card, instead of at a scheduled time. There are several triggered templates provided in the software. The most popular triggered template would be “Credit Card Failed To Process Properly” Click

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Scheduled Mass Email

Aug 02, 2014

The Mass Email feature allows you to feature a group pf subscribers, schedule, and send an email to multiple subscribers at once. Here is how you schedule a mass email: Open Mass Email. Choose a template from the list of templates. Fill out the From, CC, and Subject fields. In the To field, just choose

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Mass Email

Feb 15, 2013

With the Mass Email Manager, send emails of invoices, payments and many more to your subscribers easily. You can also be able to schedule sending of mass emails. Continue reading “Mass Email” »

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Send Email & Email Reminder

Apr 19, 2012

If you need to send an email to a particular subscriber, you can do it directly within the Ultimate Back Office (UBO) Billing and Automation™. The newly enhanced HTML Email Editor of the Ultimate Back Office software is designed to speed up your productivity by allowing you to quickly design professional-looking

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