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The World’s Best Equipment Monitoring Is Now Available to YOU!

Feb 26, 2015

Zabbix, one of the world’s best monitoring solutions (according to Gartner), is now integrated into Ultimate Back Office so even your front-end staff can quickly diagnose common issues.  The approach requires no proprietary hardware, and (oh yeah!) it happens to be open source. How cool

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Generate Coverage Map for Prequalify

Sep 04, 2014

Before you can prequalify a subscriber, you would need to set a coverage map for each of your equipment: Go to Equipment Manager > Tower Equipment.  Set your Mapping data and your Equipment Location data. Make sure that the Beam Width, Beam Height, and Range values are not blank or zero. After

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Aug 09, 2014

To use the Equipment Map Start by clicking on the Monitoring & Mapping icon on the toolbar, or going to Tools and click Monitoring & Mapping. You can also click on this icon in the Equipment tab of any subscriber. A Google Map will then automatically open in your internet browser. In this map,

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Adding Tower Location

Aug 08, 2014

Go to the Tower Locations tab and click on the Add Tower button.   Fill up the Add Tower Location window to successfully create a tower location.   Location (Tower Name) – brief description for the tower location you’re creating Lat – Latitude Lng – Longitude Address

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Equipment Monitoring

Jul 31, 2014

Equipment monitoring in 6.1 gives you more power to check and monitor the performance of the customer-premises equipment, decreasing the turnaround time for device problem resolution through the feature’s automatic email alert if ping is slow. To configure equipment monitoring on your software,

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