Category : Transactional Tasks

Save subscriber filter changes in Mass Email

Jul 08, 2015

In the Mass Email Manager, you will be able to update an existing subscriber mass email filter without going to the Filters panel. Here’s how: Uncheck subscribers that you don’t want to send the mass email template but are included in the assigned To filter. Click the Send button to send the

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Define the flow of your online sign-up process

Jul 07, 2015

Whether you would like for new subscribers to enter their information first or have them select a service before that is completely a matter of preference, because you can choose how your online sign-up process flow will go. To set-up the online sign-up process flow that you would like new subscribers

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ISP Automated Payment System

Jun 30, 2015

If you have an existing balance (meaning you’re Past Due) UBO will present the Payment Window, and you will not be able to access the rest of the software until a payment is made. In here, you can choose your preferred method of payment–but at the moment VISP only supports eCheck and Credit Card. The

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Rapidly Refund IP Pay credit card transactions directly from UBO

May 29, 2015

Whether it’s a mistake in receiving payments or a discount you forgot to punch in, the Refund feature is your life-saver. Just make sure you set it up in the ISP Configuration > Billing Options > Merchant Account > Merchant Service Provider for Receive Payment window group box.   Note

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Integrate PayPal in UBO

Feb 21, 2015

If you don’t have an account with PayPal… Create an account by going to PayPal. If you already have an account with PayPal… Login your account. Go to Dashboard. In the Dashboard, click Create App.  Type UBO-VISP in the App name field. (An email will be prepopulated in the Sandbox developer

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