Category : Setting up your Mikrotik Router

ACTION REQUIRED: Update your Mikrotik/NAS RADIUS settings

Jan 26, 2016

On January 5th, earlier this month, we announced authentication system upgrades that require settings updates in your Mikrotik or other NAS. If you’ve already updated your settings, you can ignore this message. AUTHENTICATION THROUGH PROXY5 AND PROXY6

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RADIUS Server Upgrade and Domain-Based Authentication

Jul 10, 2015

We recently upgraded our RADIUS server to operate on the cloud, via Amazon Web Services (AWS). This is to provide better RADIUS authentication and accounting responses. In order for ISPs to take advantage of this setup, RADIUS server settings should be updated in the Mikrotik devices. The changes

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3. Authenticating using PPPoE (Optional)

Aug 23, 2013

Authentication (radius) Setup for a PPPoE Environment These instructions assume that you have a new Mikrotik with little to no existing configuration.  These instructions specify certain IP ranges which are commonly used; however, you can replace the IP ranges referenced below with your own custom ranges

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1. Network Layout and HotSpot Authentication

Apr 26, 2013

Setting up your test environment: Your network may have a unique layout with many custom or unusual configurations.  Though specific network configurations can create additional challenges during your migration to and UBO, most common networks are in fact completely compatible with our software

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4. RouterOS Performance Enhancements (Optional)

Mar 21, 2012

The following enhancements have been shown by almost all ISPs to improve the performance and reliability of their networks and improve customer satisfaction.  These enhancements were incorporated into the 2.0 setup instructions and the 1.0 to 2.0 upgrade procedure as of March 21st, 2012.   #1 Improved

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